Husky & Lee Wilson “Uptown”

Husky’s latest release ‘Uptown’ is pulsing chord driven house groover, which shimmers with the incredible vocalist Lee Wilson’s soulful melodies on top. Cleverly written lyrics quickly find their way into your head and help paint a picture of another Saturday night Uptown. You can only imagine hearing this one booming out of a small NYC club when the doors swing open and the warmth of the dance floor comes over you.

Picking up the energy and featuring a bouncing piano hook, Husky’s ‘Club Mix’ packs a modern punch with multiple nostalgic hues. Chunky drums are the driving force however, alongside that infectious piano hook and Lee’s uplifting vocals the Club Mix works on a variety of dance floors. Husky’s love for a piano house record comes oozing out of this latest creation.

Don’t miss your ride uptown.

Enjoy the music!

Bobbin Head
Sept 2022