Market Memories & Mike Callander “Clover” (Little Fritter Remix)

Thick As Thieves continue to shine as one of Australia’s premier touring agencies. Not limited to just events, their in-house label has quickly become a home for rising talents alongside international guests and close friends of the crew, dropping material from Monkey Safari, Audiojack and Superflu alongside names such as Luke Alessi and Not Just Me.

Now Thick As Thieves reveal a collaboration immersed within Melbourne. Late September sees Strawberry Fields and Beyond the Valley regulars Market (Sean Rault) and Memories (Oliver James) combine with one of the city’s finest veterans, Mike Callander.

Breaking traditional production conventions, Callander warps and twists the track’s infectious bassline to accompany the bubbling hooks and slick percussion laid down by the Market Memories guys. ‘Clover’ is a club cut made for big moments. On the remix duties Little Fritter’s take ups the tempo as shuffling drums, snaking low-ends and soaring synths make for a no-nonsense, dynamic ride into the peak time.

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Tech House
Thick As Thieves
Sept 2022