Jonas Blue Remix of Soul Music “Fade”

International DJ and pop powerhouse Jonas Blue continues his meteoric rise with a highly anticipated remix of Solu Music’s iconic club anthem, “Fade” featuring Kimblee. This collaboration marks a thrilling fusion of two musical powerhouses and promises to deliver an unforgettable listening experience.

Solu Music’s “Fade” featuring Kimblee has held a special place in the hearts of club-goers for over a decade. Originally released in 2001, the track swiftly became a favourite of renowned DJ Mark Doyle, owner of Hed Kandi, who championed its infectious soulful vibe. In 2006, the track received a proper singles release, reaching the Top 20 charts in the UK, Finland, and Portugal, as well as claiming the 35th spot in Ireland. Jonas Blue’s deep admiration for “Fade” led to a three-year anticipation of the opportunity to remix this club classic. Now, the time has finally arrived for him to infuse his own creative genius into this timeless masterpiece.

With this remix, Jonas Blue expertly retains the emotional depth and soulful essence of the original while infusing it with a fresh 2023 reinterpretation. Paying homage to the enduring appeal of Solu Music’s masterpiece, Jonas Blue’s rework breathes new life into the track, ensuring its continued relevance on dancefloors worldwide.