London Topaz “All I Need”

If you were at war with your enemy, would you rock up with your army and start firing machine guns, send in the air force to drop some bombs, or send in the navy to fire some missiles……

Or would you just decide to stop tiptoeing round the place and just go all, navy, air force…all at once. Decimate the enemy.

Which brings me to ALL I NEED by LONDON TOPAZ.

We’ve been sitting on this bad boi for a while and to be honest, didn’t know what to do with it.

Do we keep it tight….do we just seed it to some big dogs and get the videos…..or do we get some super sick remixes and just go all at once kinda like when the army rocks up with the navy and the airforce.

We went with the latter.

Drum roll…what we’re predicting to be THE song of the summer. ALL I NEED by LONDON TOPAZ. And bring on the army….


ALL I NEED is now also all you need.

Much Love

Team Sweat