L’Tric feat. Andrea Martin & Sean Declase “All My Life”

Veteran producer L’Tric (who you might know as Sgt. Slick) hass been in hot form over the past 12 months.

The runaway freight train of feel good dance beats is becoming impossible to stop as he unveils another belting single by way of ‘All My Life’ featuring Andrea Martin and Sean Declase. As a trio of tracks with ‘Sunny’ with Chloe Wilson & ‘Rely’ with Karen Harding and Future Kings, ‘All My Life’ solidifies L’Tric as a member of Australian dance’s hall of fame.

‘All My Life’ is quite simply, just over three minutes over pure good spirits. A consistent drum pattern throughout, the track’s glorious chords and the ever so infectious vocal deliveries bring the perfect energy to close off summer. ‘All My Life’ reaches full peak as the vocal arrangement combines with the brass section creating a euphorique energy, so rarely executed to this level.


Disco House
12 March