Mark Maxwell “You Beside Me”

If you’ve never thought about this before, you may find it crazy to suggest that you are not your thoughts.

But now that you’re thinking about it……its not so crazy after all right. I mean….if you can ask yourself the question….then clearly, you are not the answer.

Which is why it’s possible to be the witness to your thoughts..watching them come and go, without attachment to them…not being them…but observing them…in the same way you might observe passers by at traffic lights…..indeed…….you could even have a dialogue with them…’s YOU BESIDE ME.

Which brings me to MARK MAXWELL. You are not him and he is not his thoughts….but one thing that the entity known as MARK MAXWELL is… a damn fine producer. His previous singles have gained support from peeps such as THE BLESSED MADONNA, ANNA LUNOE and JOHN SUMMIT not to mention….i mean he’s pretty much our CLUB SWEAT “one to watch.”

And when we say one to watch…..not like your thoughts…more like… to make sure you download when you get the opportunity… now for instance.

YOU BESIDE ME is his latest single and it’s good like ice cream is good….as in…its real good.

Don’t let this one pass you by.

Much love

Team Sweat

Tech House / House
Club Sweat
Released On
19 Feb 2021