Remixes of LP Giobbi X Bklava “Sinner”

LP Giobbi & Bklava “Sinner” now gets a huge sway of remixes to cover all the genre bases.

Multi-genre electronic producer Flava D has given ‘Sinner’ a solid dose of drum & bass in this hard-hitting high-tempo remix.

Fast rising VNSSA delivers a remix that evokes summer club nights in LA. VNSSA strips ‘Sinner’ down to its essentials; catchy and repetitive loops ensure that we don’t want to leave the floor too soon.

As a champion of new talent, LP Giobbi’s Femme House recently shined a light on fresh music by even fresher artists by holding a remix competition for ‘Sinner’. Baby Weight toys with echoed fragments whilst giving Bklava’s strong soulful vocals space to breathe over a deep and wobbly bassline. Relative newcomer Cahoots takes inspiration from the electronic world of gritty basement clubs, giving this a deep-house treatment permeated by a disco-inspired bassline. LA-based Jill Stanley presents a bright and vibrant mix adding a deep synth bassline that bounces around the room. While Josh Hunter ups the tempo and adds a syncopated synth bass, to keep the club on their toes

Drum N Bass House
D4 D4nce
Dec 2022