Sunshine and Disco Faith Choir “In The Shadows”

Sunshine and Disco Faith Choir rework Lovebirds iconic house anthem ‘In The Shadows’.

It started out as a recovery anthem at the legendary club Revolver and has since blown up all around Australia over the past 14 years. The re rub is a melodic banger with a gospel flair and the grandiose vocals of Royal Drue and Disco Faith Choir that will have you dancing on the bar screaming “Wherever you go I will follow, wherever you go I will find you” at the top of your lungs.

Sunny being one of the first djs to play it in Melbourne has always been a big supporter of the original and this is something very close to her heart to give such an epic track a rework worthy of the original masterpiece.

We hope you enjoy it!! Disco Faith Recordings x

House Gospel House
Disco Faith Recordings
Nov 2022