The Vision “Mountains” [Joey Negro / Paul Woolford / The Patchouli Brothers Remixes]

Few artists strike the balance between the classic and contemporary quite as effortlessly as The Vision.

Striving to produce honest and meaningful records, their acclaimed single ‘Mountains‘ came as the follow up to incredible breakout hit ‘Heaven’, and the duo once again demonstrated their flawless production abilities.

Now, The Vision return with three new remixes of this dancefloor gem. Up first, disco royalty Joey Negro delivers his Live And Direct Mix, weaving in melodies and grooves with exquisite percussion and keys that give the record an authentic disco sound. Up next, veteran producer Paul Woolford delivers his remix of the track. An artist whose output ranges from mind-bending techno to high-energy house hits, his sophisticated take on ‘Mountains’ features his signature bold piano riffs and atmospheric builds, destined for meaningful dancefloor moments. Finally, Toronto duo The Patchouli Brothers step up to remix. Known for their exquisite vinyl edits and a favourite of in-the-know selectors, the funk-laden, high energy mix makes a perfect closing to another blissful release from The Vision camp.

As anticipation builds for their forthcoming LP, this charming package provides another exciting preview of things to come.

House Disco
Released On
2 July 2020