Tom Evans, Monochrome & Bruno Blanc “Play It Twice”

It’s 2024 and next up on the Valiant roster we have Bruno Blanc, Monochrome and Tom Evans who have whipped up a timeless Deep House number that is guaranteed to get any dance floor moving any anytime.

With eyes and ears fastened steadily to a new year, we’re stoked to be releasing this verified bop with a narrative celebrating big throw-back energy from the POV of an era when milk crates were used to carry our records to the spot and tunes would tell a tale of an emerging culture. Our culture. A culture we call HOUSE.

Driven by an infectious walking bass line and hypnotic synth stabs coupled with a narrative paying homage to our favourite Chicago and New York pioneers, ‘Play It Twice’ celebrates new school and old school together and is sure to shake some tails from the early afternoon at a festival all the way through the late hours of the night at the club!