Tina Cousins & Sunset Bros “Wonderful Life”

Sydney based dance producers, Sunset Bros land with their fresh take on Tina Cousins’ 2005 timeless anthem ‘Wonderful Life’. Bridging the gap between nostalgia and contemporary dance music the electric duo stay true to their trademark infectious sound, incorporating energising piano stabs with a driving bass line sure to light up dance floors worldwide. Renowned for her powerful vocals and captivating melodies, Tina Cousins glides across the infectious rhythms, breathing new energy into her iconic record in a celebration of life and the power of music to bring people together.

Tina Cousins’ 2005 version of ‘Wonderful Life’ was a Top 10 hit in Australia and a Top 20 hit in the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands. As the 5th most added record across Australian radio networks, it remained in the Top 20 for over four months. Now with Sunset Bros production prowess, ‘Wonderful Life’ will undoubtedly resonate with both long-time admirers of Tina and a new generation of music lovers.

Remix comes courtesy of Sydney’s Autone.