Wolfram & Josh Ludlow “YoYo Disco”

Vienna’s Wolfram and London-based Josh Ludlow come together for a joint Defected debut with chugging club track ‘YoYo Disco’. Two decades in the business has led Wolfram Eckert to collaborations with several high calibre electronic artists including Moby, Hercules and Love Affair, Rex the Dog and Haddaway.

The seasoned DJ and eccentric fashion icon has performed all over, from the heady clubs of New York to the discotheques of Europe, eventually crossing paths with London’s Josh Ludlow who also DJs as one half of Make A Dance. A shared interest in both fashion and dance music brought the pair together, culminating in this eccentric club cut.

With a synthetically generated vocal line full of playful suggestion, ‘YoYo Disco’ is imbued with a vibrant, European energy perfect for the approaching club season.