Hilit Kolet “Techno Disco”

DJ to some of London’s most exclusive nights, a classically trained musician and long-time face of Soho’s legendary Black Market Records, Hilit Kolet is the need-to-know artist ready to take the world by storm.

Unveiling her debut production ‘Techno Disco’ on Defected Records, this jacking, club-ready cut is set to become one of the scene’s most sought-after records, by an artist who defies easy classification. A labour of love of sorts for Hilit, who has spent years perfecting it in the studio, ‘Techno Disco’ is sure to leave lasting smiles on dancefloors across the globe.

Marrying all the elements together, Hilit’s friend and singer/songwriter Kay Elizabeth, who she met while performing together as professional samba dancers at Notting Hill Carnival, delivers the irresistible hook you won’t be able to shake off, “It’s a dirty techno disco techno with a hooky beat, and it’s gonna make you jack around and play it on repeat.”

Defected Records
Released On
3 Sept 2021